Many schools in the state of Texas have thought about the usage of phones.

But it's not only the Lone Star State that is wondering what to do about cell phones. Discussions about usage of phones in schools have recently began to increase. Some schools in other parts of the nation have begun to outright ban students using them.

The Central Texas area is no stranger to these changes. Some districts are using pouches to stop students from using them. So far, the rules have shown promise for parts of the state.

Now, another school district is setting up the "phone-free" rules. It is none other than Killeen.

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Killeen ISD Instituting "Phone-Free" Rules

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As reported by KXXV, Fall of 2024 is when the rules will go into effect. In a statement from Killeen ISD:

"To clarify, we are not banning cell phones at our secondary schools — instead, students will keep their phones with them in special pouches that are locked at the start of the school day. Pouches will remain locked until the end of the school day, ensuring that students can keep their phones with them but without the distraction during class time."

The Superintendent of Killeen ISD, Dr. Jo Ann Fey, said this in regards to those concerned about the change:

"Our leaders are collaborating closely with school administrators this summer to finalize the daily processes for our phone-free schools — we are also developing a fair and clear approach to managing any violations of this new policy."

For further details, you can read more about the policy here. Are you for or against the new rules? Let us know by sending us a message on our free station app.

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