King of the Grill is your chance to win a brand new grill from our sponsors at Lastovica Jewelers, Ponders Automotive, and Marine Outlet!

We've had a couple of very unique grills the last 2 years, and it's always fun to hand out a brand new grill at the beginning of summer. Thanks to all who registered on the station's website!

Congrats to Tina and Dan Byler of Gatesville, Texas. Tina totally surprised her husband by submitting a photo of his grill without him knowing. She got him all the way down to the radio station without him finding out what was going on.

The Byler family are the 2017 King of the Grill Winners! Here's Tina and Dan along with their 3 sons Colton, Brett, and Austin. They came down to load up the new 4-burner gas grill just in time for Fathers Day Weekend.

In addition to the grill, Tina and Dan scored a very good looking men's chain from Lastovica Jewelers, along with $50 gift cards from Ponders and Marine Outlet. Check out Tina and Dan's grill below, followed by last year's winner submitted by Joy Smith out in Lampassas.

Tina Byler
"Show Us Your Grill" | TSM

I'm still impressed by "Frankengrill" from out Lampassas way. I still don't quite know how it came to be, but if you can weld enough scrap together you can turn a grill into a giant grill combo smoker type thingy!

See ya back here this time next year for another chance to head into summer with a brand new grill from Townsquare Media Killeen-Temple. Thanks to all who entered. Be sure to check out our homepage for your chance at Schlitterbahn and Six Flags tickets