Lady Gaga and drama go together like Kermit the Frog and his longtime paramour, Miss Piggy. Mother Monster delivered a dramatic and acoustic version of her latest dance smash, 'Applause,' while in Japan.

She turned in the performance for 'Sukkiri,' a morning program in the country.

Ma Monster, wearing a feathery black ensemble with a cherry (we think!) atop her blonde wig, was surrounded by several of her GAGADOLLS, which are life-sized avatars of herself that double as listening stations. Because, as we very well know, one Gaga is never, ever enough. The more, the merrier.

The performance reminded us that Gaga's visuals are as critical as the sounds and the words themselves. It was high drama, but that's really what the pop singer does best.

This was quite a jazzy, almost Broadway version of the song. PopCrushers and little monsters, what do you guys think of this acoustic rendition of 'Applause?'