Good or bad? Personally, I'm leaning toward Good.

KGNS reports on a video that's trending on social media.

If you've ever been a teenage boy, you know, sometimes you just gotta punch someone. Obviously, this teacher knows this. It happens in Laredo, Texas at Lamar Middle School.

I'm sure he's going to get fired, which is a shame because he's making the best out of a situation that's going to happen one way or the other. If he does what the "book" tells him to do, the kids would be sent to the vice-principals office where they'll get detention. They'll blame each other for the detention, so that will make them angrier with each other, and the first chance they get, punches will be thrown.

This teacher has taken that anger and allowed them to release it under his rules. "No face, and no below the waist." Which means they'll both be beating on each other's arms and torso. It's the best case scenario really.

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