It's amazing how many people have needed to be rescued from bee attacks in Texas!

The video above features a man from Creedmore, Texas who totally pissed off a hive of bees with his lawnmower on May 25th. Emergency services literally saved this mans life and in the video above they offer some good tips on what to do if you encounter a swarm. Let's take a look at a few other times bees and hornets have attacked in Texas!

  • 1

    El Paso, Texas - April 2018

  • 2

    Soda Springs Creek, Texas 2015

  • 4

    Moody, Texas 2013

  • 3

    Kyle, Texas 2010

    Kyle, Texas man survives over 1200 bee stings!

  • 5

    What to do if you are attacked by Bees

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