It shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone that the quiver of arrows slung over the shoulder of movie heroes like Robin Hood and Legolas are a Hollywood invention. My question is, why keep using it when the real archery techniques of ancient hunters and warriors were way cooler?

Danish archer Lars Andersen is an artist and scholar who took an interest in ancient archery techniques and trained himself to put all our archery skills to shame. The guy can hit a soda can tab that's flying through the air away from him, for crying out loud. (You'll see that feat in the video below.) And while it's clearly not just about the fact that he ditched the quiver and just holds his arrows in his draw hand, that visual is way cooler than the gimmicky, clumsy reach-back we see in Hollywood movies.

Check out Lars in action and let's start a letter writing campaign to Hollywood. We demand badass archers like this in our movies!