LeAnn Rimes has responded to claims made by her husband's ex-wife Brandi Glanville. In a new interview, Glanville accused the singer of not only having an eating disorder, but also of putting her two kids with Eddie Cibrian in danger. Rimes' rep says the model is just trying to promote a television show and a book.

“There is only one person constantly speaking to the press and that is Brandi," Marcel Pariseau told ABC News. "Why do you think that is? Her whole show ('Real Housewives of Beverly Hills') is based on controversy, drama and publicity.”

Rimes personally answered accusations that she put her stepsons in danger by letting them ride their bikes without helmets. According to ABC, she tweeted, "@brandiglanville really, he’s not in a st. It’s in our neighborhood, and you know it. It’s on the dirt.”

The latest round of back-and-forth began over the weekend when Rimes referred to Cibrian and her stepsons as "my boys" on Twitter. Glanville didn't care for that, writing cryptically, “Someone is trying 2 get under my skin by calling MY children “her boys” Sooo transparent! They R MY boys, Eddie Boys and ur step-sons… 4 now.”

If this were 1992, we'd all give a great big "Awwww, snap!" right about now.

“LeAnn and Eddie have the boys 50 percent of the time, so they are a family and LeAnn is a great and caring co-parent,” Pariseau continued in Rimes' defense. “As Brandi stated, ‘my boys love her’ and LeAnn loves them."

He adds, “It’s time for Brandi to move on. LeAnn has!”

No mention was made of Glanville's accusations that one of her sons got sick after eating Rimes' laxatives, which he allegedly mistook for candy.

Rimes is expected to release a new album called 'Spitfire' in spring 2013. She has tour dates scheduled along the west coast for the remainder of 2012.