If you're a  Hunter Hayes Hayniac, then you're definitely going to love the young country star's newest music video. Hayes' clip for 'Somebody's Heartbreak' is so fan-centric that you might even spot yourself in it!

Some music videos are all about telling a story -- but the clip for three-time Grammy-nominated Hayes' hit some 'Somebody's Heartbreak' is about the music. From the opening shot, the music video takes viewers behind the scenes of a jam-packed arena where the singer is preparing to play for an excited crowd.

The clip kicks off with a tour bus pulling up to an arena, and several people bustling around a backstage area, setting up equipment. Wearing a comfortable T-shirt and jeans, the country crooner steps up to the mic and starts to soundcheck.

Once things are set up in the venue, Hayes snaps a few photos with fans outside. Later that evening, he goes onstage and the video captures dozens of his fans screaming, cheering and singing along to the music.

Also, since the 'Wanted' hitmaker is an accomplished guitar player, the video boasts a few up-close shots of his guitar solos.

Although the music video trend is to tell big-budget stories, 'Somebody's Heartbreak' is just right: It's all about the fans, the artist and his music.