The Texas heat and hand sanitizer left in your car could be an explosive combination.

According to the video above by the National Fire Protection Association, storing hand sanitizer in your vehicle could be dangerous due to the product's high flammability.

With the pandemic of COVID-19 on going, a large number of people are keeping hand sanitizer and other disinfectants close by,  but the majority of hand sanitizers are alcohol-based, which makes them highly flammable.

The flash point for hand sanitizer is approximately 63 degrees Fahrenheit, and once it reaches that temperature all it takes is a spark for for the product to ignite.

My co-worker was just showing off his spray-able hand sanitizer, and now all I can think of is explosions. Be safe, Texans, and keep your hand sanitizer and other disinfectants in a nice, cool place!

For more information on vehicle fires, click here.

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