Today, Logan will get the full radio experience.  He's usually in-and-out in less than two hours when he gets stuck at work with me.  Today's school holiday means he's stuck at work with me the whole day.  Will he make it?

Every parent knows it's all in the preparation.  Prepare to win the day by bringing along plenty of distractions.  Steal mom's iPad for the day?  Check.  Legos from the birthday party?  Check.  Donut from Shipley's?  Check.

The donut is the biggest debate for me.  Do I give him something laced with sugar and risk him bouncing off the walls for 8 hours in the hopes that the chewing will at least keep him quiet?  So far (11:55am) the donut has paid off.  He's quietly watching TV (come to think of it, I'd better check on him - quiet is usually bad) and hasn't broken anything yet.

Spend 2-minutes at-peace with a 7-year-old.  Sometimes I just watch him to think back when my biggest concern was what to ask Santa for Christmas and whether to wear my red undies or my Scooby Doo undies.