I must admit, I was late in the game when it came to Walter White & his blue exploits, but once I was hooked it was as if the show became like that blue meth for me... I just couldn't get enough.  The wait is almost over.  Less than 100 hours remain until the end of "Breaking Bad" begins with the first of the final eight episodes.

I had never seen an episode of "Breaking Bad" prior to May of this year.  Thanks to Netflix, once I started that first episode there was no looking back.  I spent hour after hour on my couch watching Jesse & Walter take over the New Mexico meth biz, and I even got to watch numerous episodes twice because my wife also became enthralled with the show & wouldn't let me move on until she was caught up.

I had just finished the last episode available on Netflix when I got an email announcing that the last eight episodes leading up to the "final 8" were now available.  Heaven!!  We sent the boys to bed early, cuddled up on the couch and held our breath for an hour at a time to see where the next episode would lead.

I'm always amazed by people that want to get a "spoiler" and find out what happens over the final 8 episodes.  Not me.  I can't wait.  If I knew how it was going to end there would be no need to even watch.  To get you ready for the big night (96 1/2 hours away as of this writing) I give you a behind the scenes look, courtesy of AMC.