When I was growing up in Troy, it was still a tiny town with just a couple of gas stations and not much else. I'm glad I had that small town upbringing (most of my friends lived within walking distance and most everyone knew each other), but there wasn't much going on in sleepy ol' Troy.

Today, I barely recognize the place. That underpass that flooded constantly is now an overpass that'll take you right over the town without seeing it if you don't know to be looking for it. There's a little strip mall, a couple of restaurants, and a Valero.

It feels like an alien planet to me now when I visit.

Anyway, that's enough wistful rambling. Let's get to this week's house!

I decided to be nosy again and look at the most expensive house listed on Zillow in my hometown. What I found is a house that looks unassuming and country quaint on the outside, but modern chic on the inside. It kinda reminds me of the changes I've seen in Troy since I moved away.

This 4 bedroom, 4 bath house on West Big Elm Road will cost you $699,000. That's not a bad price for such a beautiful location and spacious house. If you're interested in a real-life tour, get in touch with Zac Backor of Keeping It Realty.

Let's snoop!

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Let's Look Inside the Most Expensive House for Sale in Troy

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