As Central Texas continues to grow, more and more apartment complexes and modern homes are popping up everywhere. Looking for a place to live can always be daunting, even in small towns like Troy, Texas. But if you've got some savings in place and are looking for a home in the country to get away from the noise of the bigger towns in our area, there's an awesome house you should definitely look into.

Looking into real estate around the area has shown that this home in Troy is certainly pricey, but well worth its price of admission, sporting many amenities, both for humans and animal friends as well.

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This Troy, Texas Home Brings With It History

All the info from the house comes to us courtesy of Zillow. Located in Troy at 5780 Bottoms East Rd, the house was first built in 1964. For potential farmers in the area the listing even states: "It has everything you need (except equipment) to start your livestock ranch, start your farm, or just make money off producing hay!"

But what about those who aren't trying to become a farmer in their own right and are just looking for a place to grow a family? This listing also boasts other features like a "indoor wash rack, separate office from the home you can rent out or have a ranch hand quarters. There is just to much to list here and it just doesn't do it justice!"

This home and the nice piece of land of occupies checks in at 25 acres, so there is a lot to cover. So what do you say we take a look at just a taste what's in store for you?

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Now, if you want this home, it's not just for anyone. It checks in at $759,999! So prepare for the farmer's life if you want it, because you'll need to earn back all that money.

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