You've probably heard of Cam, due to her monster first single, 'Burning House.' What you may not know is that she has a degree in Psychology, and she wants to help you understand that, 'Life can be hard. Music can help.'

Cam shares her own story of wanting to better understand herself, psychology, and how music helps us as humans. She also explores the though of soulmates and how music touches our souls.

She explains that 'music is the original human tool to help soothe our soul.' She then goes on to explain that music has been part of every culture since the beginning of time.

She asks the question,

'What is it about music that helps us survive?

One study even states the music has developed separately from language to help us deal with life. She has a really beautiful way of explaining deep concepts in a way that is easy to understand. She goes on to invite you to allow music to help you in life. She gives examples, and it really is beautiful.

Enjoy a thought provoking, emotionally driven message about what unifies us all, music. She also performed on stage at the University of Nevada where she gave her TedXTalk. Watch now.

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