Did you know there's a Don't Mess with Texas app? It's called Litterer, and if you spot someone dumping trash where they shouldn't, it could come in handy.

The app (available in the Apple and Google Play stores) was developed in 2012 and not only allows users to report people illegally dumping or tossing trash on roads, but also keeps track of where the reports come from and what sort of litter is found there. That helps the Texas Department of Transportation determine where more littering awareness may be necessary.

When you open the app, it displays a warning not to use it while driving. We recommend stopping if it's safe to do so, If not, wait until later to submit a report to dontmesswithtexas.org.

Once you've agreed, you'll be given the option of manual or voice entry of the offending driver's license plate number.

The app will do the rest.

According to the app's FAQ, TxDOT will mail the litter bug a letter in the mail reminding them about the incident, along with a Don't Mess with Texas litter bag and information about state littering laws.

They will NOT receive a ticket or citation, as only law enforcement officers may issues those. Also, the tipster (you) will remain anonymous.

I couldn't find information about possible penalties for people abusing the app, but I like to think our audience has the good sense to use such a tool appropriately.