A recipe for over-reaction.  Start with a teenager.  Add a black jacket. Throw in a black back pack, a High School, and the pièce de résistance...a lime green nerf gun.  Cook in part of the Country that's already been burned, and wallah, overreaction.  Lock down the school, bring in SWAT, and Que-up the 2nd amendment.Tuesday, a 911 caller said they saw all of the above at Elmont High School in New York. The local SWAT team was called in and went room-to-room looking for the weapon, which they eventually found in a student locker.  No arrests were made, and the said "weapon" was confiscated and will be returned to the parents. Inspector Kenneth Lack said the heightened response was due to "an abundance of precaution".  Can't really blame him.  If it turned out to be a real situation, and they new about it and did nothing, it would've been even more devastating, but it's this type of overreaction we need to be Leary of.  We could end up losing part of the freedom this country is famous for, and what helps make it the best place in the world to be.  Yes, I hear you when scream about guns.  I wish you'd hear us when we scream that it's not the guns, but the people.  I went to school in the 70's and 80's.  Come hunting season, the gun racks were full in the school parking lot, and the only things in danger had four legs or feathers, depending on the time of year.  Don't blame video games neither.  If you need to blame something, then blame ignorance.  Educate and inform, don't blame and remove.  You have a good day, and lets be careful out there.