Now here's something to be very proud of as we start a new year with new challenges.

No less an authority on business than the Wall Street Journal has compiled statistics on the beer consumption at Texas Longhorns home games and at collegiate football games across the USA. The figures are impressive to say the least.

In the six home games in Austin this past year, fans drank over 100,000 bottles of Miller Lite alone. They drank nearly as much Coors Light.  Figures were not available for lone star, my preferred Texas suds.

The journal says these figures represent the highest per capita consumption in the entire United States.  Data from all over shows a common denominator between Texas beer drinkers and those who like the hair of the pup elsewhere: they want the lightest and cheapest beer they can get their hands on at the game and lots of it.

The data Is very revealing. Texans spent five bucks and a quarter on alcohol per person. That's a real commitment to the cause.

Whatever you do and however you drink, please take care of yourself. The goal is to keep having good times. Besides, we have a record to uphold. Cheers!

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