Know someone who loves fishing and the outdoors? Well, now you can send them off to the big honey hole in the sky in a custom Jon boat coffin. specializes in caskets shaped like your basic aluminum Jon. Even the handles for the pallbearers look like your standard boat cleats at first glance.

The coffins come in three basic packages - Woodland Camo, Marsh Grass, and even Pink Camo for the ladies.

According to the website's Our Story page, owner Joel Schmidt was inspired by the sudden passing of his father after a work accident. When his father told him how'd he like to be sent to his final resting place, Joel remarked that he was glad his father had told him what he wanted, or he might have just ended up being buried in his fishing boat.

The idea stuck with Joel, and he started Glory Boats for people serious about being buried in such a coffin, as well as inspire people to discuss their desired funeral arrangements with their families rather than put it off until it's too late.

I don't see any urns on the site, but maybe they can add some fish-shaped options.

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