While news was breaking Sunday morning regarding
the worst mass shooting in US history, Lt. Governor Dan Patrick's twitter account published an image displaying the bible verse Galatians 6:7.

It reads, “Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows.”

Soon after it was published, the world of social media vented it's frustration toward Patrick. By about 11am Sunday, one of the Lt. Governor's aids, Allen Blakemore, removed the tweet and followed up with:

Lt. Governor Patrick and every Texas is stunned and saddened by the outrageous act of domestic terrorism that has occurred in Orlando. Regarding this morning’s scripture posting on social media, be assured that the post was not done in response to last night’s tragedy. The post was designed and scheduled last Thursday.

It seemed this was too little to late for some despite the explanation from Patrick's office that a bible verse is scheduled for publication on his feed every Sunday morning at 7am cst.


The Texas Democratic Party issued this statement, “Hate and violence have no place in America. Unfortunately, Texans in mourning for our families in Florida woke up to an embarrassment from their lieutenant governor. Lt.Gov Dan Patrick, please apologize immediately. Make this right. We are better than this.”

The posts includes, "If some insist on hate speech as a response, that is their decision, not mine. The enemy is ISIS, not each other. We must come together to fight them. ISIS believes in the killing of gays. America does not and Christians do not. Let’s focus on the real enemy."

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