Luke Bryan is one of the most celebrated men in country music, not because of his good looks, but because of all the hard work that he puts in that most people don't notice. Luke Bryan is also one of the funniest men to interview, did you know he can count the hair on his chest because he just can't seem to grow any chest hair? Luke Bryan isn't ashamed of his lack of chest hair, we are pretty sure he celebrates it. Luke Bryan will always be the one to poke fun at himself and is all about making sure that everyone around him is having a great time if you have ever been to a concert of his you know it's true.

Don't leave Luke Bryan out when it comes to making country music history. Luke Bryan played at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles and believe it or not, he is the first ever country artist to play at Dodger Stadium. Luke Bryan's "What Makes You Country XL" Tour is not close to being finished, who knows what Luke Bryan has in store for us, maybe he has more history to make, hopefully for us, it's somewhere in the South so we can see it happen in person!

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