man crush monday

Man Crush Mondayin' on Chris Young
Chris Young isn't just a doting dog Dad, he is also on a big headlining tour that has over 55 tour dates. "Chris Young Losing Sleep 2018 World Tour" has Dan and Shay and Morgan Evans on board.
Luke Bryan Takes Man Crush Monday
Luke Bryan will always be the one to poke fun at himself and is all about making sure that everyone around him is having a great time if you have ever been to a concert of his you know it's true.
Man Crushing on Darius Rucker
His recent radio single "For the First Time" has a music video you will love. The video follows a young couples journey of firsts. Seriously though, when was the last time you did something for the first time?
Man Crush Monday Goes to Brett Eldredge
If you have yet to follow Brett Eldredge on Snapchat, you should. Every once in awhile he will perform a Bed Head Jam, yes ladies, he sings to us with horrid hair as he's getting ready to fall asleep and it is wonderful. Rick Diamond Getty Images To top it off his dog Edgar is the sweetest, he …
Man Crush Monday Goes to Luke Bryan
Unfortunately, rumors have been confirmed and Luke Bryan is going to switch out those tight jeans for some "regular jeans men are supposed to wear" according to my not so fashionista co-worker. Personally I am a huge fan of those TIGHT jeans, why lie?
Krystal Montez's Man Crush Monday
Normally I surf the radio and find new music, but sometimes I have to put a playlist together with my top 5 picks for the week. Here are the five men that will be keeping me company all Monday long!

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