Maggie Baugh's friends are wondering why she ghosted them in her latest song, "Seein' Somebody," a new summer fling available first through this Taste of Country premiere.

The pop-friendly, country love (or something like it) story is an easy breeze through open car windows as you travel a little too fast down the highway. It's a singalong that either recalls a summer gone by or predicts one in the future. Try to listen without a little smile forming.

"It's only been a little while / Still a little bit brand new / I'm not saying I'll be walking down the aisle / Anytime soon," she sings, keeping a level head through verse two. A chorus of "ooo-ooo-ooo" helps sweep you away with the adventurous spirit of the song. "Falling in love / Breaking up / For now, soon we figure it out / I'm just seein' somebody, seein' somebody." 

Baugh proved to be a Taste of Country reader favorite earlier this year when the video for her song "Drinking To the Broken Hearts" topped the ToC Top 10 Video Countdown. The Florida native is a familiar face on Nashville stages. Later this month, look for her at 3rd & Lindsley in Nashville as she hosts Maggie Baugh & Friends, in partnership with CMT. The May 25 show will include a lineup to be announced soon.

Former American Idol singer Lauren Mascitti helped Baugh write "Seein' Somebody." There's a pretty mean rock guitar solo at the bridge of the song that sounds like something the instrumentalist is more than capable of. If you're not following Baugh's Finish the Lick series on TikTok, you're really missing out.

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