Maggie Rose is set to release her debut album 'Cut to Impress' next Tuesday (March 26), but you don't have to wait that long to listen. Taste of Country has teamed up with Rose and RPM Entertainment to stream all 10 songs for your listening pleasure until it's made available for download on iTunes.

Rose scored a hit in 2013 with the feisty 'I Ain't Your Mama,' and is getting a great response from fans and radio for her second single, 'Better.' The remainder of the album showcases her sassy personality and varied musical inspirations. Amongst the singer's influences are Bonnie Raitt, the Beatles, Tracy Chapman and the Dixie Chicks. Growing up in Potomac, Md. her parents surrounded her with a range of styles and sounds.

That mix shows up on 'Cut to Impress.' There's the flirtatious 'Fall Madly in Love With You' and the gospel-tinged 'Preacher's Daughter.' 'I Ain't Your Mama' speaks for itself, and 'Mostly Bad' she describes as playful. In fact, the album's title comes from a line in 'Mostly Bad.'

"I think that everything I do as an artist now should be with a purpose," Rose says. "I think that the way I write should be with intent behind it. It can serve different purposes, but make sure that every word written is intentional.”

The one-time Clemson University student moved to Nashville at age 19 and immersed herself in the culture, learning to write, and more importantly, learning how to navigate the business of making records. Early support from famed record executive Tommy Mottola opened a few doors, but it's been years of hard work that led to the music on this album, the first she's proud to have her name on.

"Before, I wasn’t excited about what I had to share yet," she says. "I was excited about being able to sing and do what I love, but I wasn’t totally connected to a body of work."

"I just wasn’t ready," she adds. "I think that was the only difference between then and now is that I’m just ready."

Listen to 'Cut to Impress' exclusively on Taste of Country through March 25.

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