Martina McBride might be a star in the country music world, but when it comes to the Fourth of July, she and her family are just good old-fashioned country folk.

McBride told the Houston Press that her Independence Day plans are usually like that of most Americans. When she's not on tour, the 'I'm Gonna Love You Through It' hitmaker retreats to her tiny hometown of Sharon, Kansas and lights fireworks with her husband, John.

But if you're picturing a few sparklers in the backyard, think again. The McBrides spend all day setting up a huge show on the now-closed lawn of the high school baseball field in Sharon. When darkness falls, they light up the sky.

"So we spend all day setting up, and we have a huge fireworks show. It's actually pretty amazing," McBride reveals, adding that the holiday is "like Christmas" for her husband.

Although the songstress has a song called 'Independence Day,' she says that she doesn't really associate the tune about a woman leaving her abusive husband with the actual holiday.

"Honestly, very often, I don't think of the two together as far as a celebration of our nation's freedom and that song," she admits. "But for the several thousand people that will be there on the Fourth, it's about that. It's always good to play that song on the 4th of July, for sure."

This year, McBride won't be able to watch her husband light up the sky in Sharon. Instead, she'll be lighting up the stage at the Fourth of July celebration with Sheryl Crow at the Freedom Over Texas holiday celebration.