Surprise! We're releasing your greatest hits -- thought you might like to know! That's what a startled Martina McBride found out on Monday. But here's the twist: Instead of learning about the forthcoming release from RCA Records, her former label home of nearly 20 years, McBride read about the upcoming collection online.

"Wow! Kinda sucks that I had 2 find out on twitter that RCA is releasing a cd of 40 of my songs. #hopeIatleastgetafreecopy," the 'Marry Me' singer tweeted earlier this week. A couple of minutes later, she clarified, "Having said that I'm not mad about it. Just would have been cool to get a phone call. #iwonderwhatthecoverlookslike?"

McBride began her recording career at RCA in 1992 and stayed with the label until 2010, when she departed for a new deal with Republic Nashville. During her run with RCA, she scored a string of hit singles including 'Independence Day,' 'Wild Angels,' 'This One's for the Girls' and 'Anyway.' Republic released her newest album, 'Eleven,' in October of 2011.

CMT reports that RCA will release 'The Essential Martina McBride' -- the surprise greatest hits album -- on Oct. 22, featuring a wide selection of her past hits as well as duets with Clint Black, Bob Seger, Jimmy Buffett and Alan Jackson.