We are just a couple months past the passing of the famous internet star Tardar Sauce or as many of you folks who use the world wide web knew her as 'grumpy cat'. Ms. Sauce was indeed a cat who appeared grumpy all the time, and many a picture of her made their way around with funny captions such as "no". She looked an awful lot like "parks and rec" star Nick Offerman

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We miss grumpy our hearts have a hole that can't be filled. Or can it? Titus Pullo, a local cat from China Spring may be hope for us all! KWTX reports that Titus has an astonishing 24-toes!

Okay, I don't know if a few extra toes garner internet fame, but it's worth a shot. We have to support our local talent, right? Mr. Pullo's owners have thought about getting him his own Instagram page, but think it might "too much fame for him". No, guys, we need to campaign for this, I have never felt stronger about anything in my whole life!

Get the 24-toed cat an Instagram for goodness sake!