I guess that's just how it happens. It comes when you least expect it. All of a sudden you get a call and someone says "There's a boxer who needs a new home and you keep saying you want a boxer!" I thought to myself, well it's not like I will fall in love with the dog, I can foster him until someone steps up and takes him. Well, let's just say I am a failure. MEET DUKE!

Krystal Montez

He's the ying to my yang, as in he actually listens to me unlike my dog child Olive who thinks the word "no" means "yeah sure honey climb all over the dining room table" Any dog trainers around that can help with that? He thinks his spot in the house is right on top of you, he doesn't know he's not a lap dog. His favorite spot to hang out is on the couch or lay out on the balcony and judge my neighbors as they try and parallel park. I couldn't wait to share my news with you! Remember, if you really want a purebred dog, you don't have to support puppy mills, you can always rescue. Duke was worth the wait!