Mental health education in public schools has been a hot topic the past few years and only two states, New York and Virginia, require it as part of the classroom curriculum. Texas will soon be the third, Phil Prazan of KXAN reports.

With the signing of House Bill 18 by Governor Gregg Abbott, all schools that have physical health education plans must offer the same for mental health and substance abuse.

The bill is mostly centered around teachers and educators receiving annual and semi-annual mental health, substance abuse, and suicide prevention training. While schools will be required to offer mental health education, students will not be required to receive it. So having faculty staff properly trained and educated is extremely paramount.

With mental conditions and suicide rates on the rise, many are glad to see bullying being addressed as a serious issue in the Lone Star State. The bill also conveys that better-trained educators will lower the drop out rate.

The act goes into effect in December of this year.

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