One of the many great things about Texas is all the historic looking Courthouses & Jails. You can see one right now in Cameron.

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The Milam County courthouse & jail not only looks historic, but officially, it is.

On December 20th, 1977 they were listed as one entity in the National Register of Historic Places. But they weren't built at the same time. The courthouse was built between 1890 and 1892. That's right, eighteen hundred. The jail was built a few years later in 1895.

The cost for the courthouse was $75,000. A heck of a sum for 1890. It was designed by an architect out of Austin by the name of  A.O. Watson.

The Jail was built by the Pauly Jail Building and Manufacturing Company of St. Louis, Missouri. They actually brought most of the building supplies from St. Louis. The jail was replaced by something more modern in 1975. The original was turned into a museum and can still be found at East Main Street and South Fannin Avenue. It's new name is the Milam County Museum.

Via Google Maps