What do you do when your child is a bully?  That was the question facing a Utah woman.  The child was her boyfriend’s daughter, Kaylee.  The fourth grader was relentlessly teasing another student about her clothes.

The harassment had been taking place for about  three weeks, and according to the teacher, the student no longer wanted to come to school.

But when (Almost) Mom, Ally addressed the issue with Kaylee, she said Kaylee did not show any remorse.

So Ally and Mark, Kaylee’s dad, decided to give the girl a taste of her own medicine. They went to a local thrift shop and picked out a “new” wardrobe for Kaylee to wear to school.

Kaylee’s parents let her teacher know what they were going to do. They say she was supportive but a little hesitant.

The punishment lasted just two days before Ally and Mark decided Kaylee had learned her lesson.

“I died. I did,” said Kaylee, who admitted she cried when she first looked at the clothes. In the two days Kaylee had to dress in the outfits selected, she admitted she became the target of unkind words. “They talk behind my back,” she said of her classmates.

She now has a different outlook on what she did.  “It’s just teaching a kid a lesson how it feels to bully someone and be bullied, so don’t do that to them if you don`t like it,” Kaylee said.

What do you think?  Did the Punishment fit the Crime?