For the second year in a row, the majority of millennials making a move are coming to the Lone Star State.

According to a report from Smart Asset, Texas topped the list when it came to which state millennials are looking to settle in the U.S. Texas is also one of two states with two cities ranked in the top 10 cities where millennials are moving - Austin and Frisco.

Frankly, as a millennial, let me say that I am astounded that Texas is taking home first. I am a Texas native, born and raised with definite Southern pride, but with Texas being such a conservative state it's shocking that this particular age range is coming here.

Especially when you compare Texas with the state that came in second, one that I am extremely fond of and assumed would top the list, Colorado. Again, these two states have such stark differences so its pretty bizarre for me. Texas had approximately 3,700 more millennial migrants than Colorado, but the mile high city of Denver took first place for cities in the U.S. where millennials are moving.

Now that is not a surprise at all for me. In recent years I've taken to visiting Denver as often as I can and have absolutely fallen in love. The city is beautiful, the weather is amazing, and the culture is superb. The closest Texas city in comparison is Austin, which placed fourth on the list of top ten cities with a net migration of approximately 5,600. Coming in second and third were Seattle, Washington and Phoenix, Arizona.

I guess maybe I do partially agree with the report. Texas is definitely the number one state, but Denver is definitely the number one city.

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