Shanking. Prison Rape. Solitary Confinement. All amazing deterants to not go to prison. In Texas we have one more. No Air Conditioning.

According to the Dallas Morning News, there are more than 70% of Texas prisoners without the comfort of A/C, and it seems that's not going to change anytime soon.

We're still waiting for the courts to rule on the fight between prisoner advocates and Texas correction officials. There's a battle between the two on whether the hot weather

even the cells at Guantanamo Bay are air-conditioned

conditions of Texas are unconstitutional, cruel and unusual punishment, and jeopardize inmates' lives.

Another argument from the Advocates is that the heat is harmful to the older inmates. They want the tax payers to pony up the money for AC to make it more comfortable for everyone.

Texas correction officials say that the buildings are old, and inserting central air would be too expensive. How expensive you might be asking. No one knows, the officials haven't even run the numbers.

One of the arguments of "cruel and unusual" are this. County Jails in Texas are required to keep temps between 65 and 85 degrees, and hell, even the cells at Guantanamo Bay are air-conditioned.

Texas has 109 prisons, and only 30 are fully air-conditioned. The Advocates fully admit, that even though the cases are making their way through the system, it'll take a court order to get AC in all the prisons, and that still could be years away.

So if you're thinking of doing the crime, you might remember that when you do the time, the odds are you're going to be doing in the Texas heat. Sweat on that thought for awhile. What do you think? Should all Texas Prisons have AC?