Every vehicle in the state of Texas needs this, besides a state flag of course: a license plate!

Yes, we all need something that identifies whom is driving a vehicle in the Lone Star State. For various reasons of course, but mostly for when we go through toll booths in the state (ugh!) But, here's another thing, there's a lot of license plates in Texas too right?

At last check, there's over 22 million cars that registered in the state, according to the Texas DMV. To be honest, that's a lot more than we expected. But they all have a unique flair to them, whether it be by design or number assigned.

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However, recent developments for license plates for the one vehicle, motorcycles, is causing headaches for the state.

Texas Has A Motorcycle Plate Problem? How'd That Happen?

Yes, you read that right. According to the Wichita Falls Times Record News, an unidentified issue resulted in multiple counties now dealing with the issue. According to news organization, nearly all of the state is affected, with reportedly 241 of the 254 counties in Lone Star State having to deal with the issue.

Thankfully however, the problem was noticed before it became more of a major issue. According to the Wichita Falls Times Record News, 2,000 plates had been given out when the problem was spotted. This problem has also put a pause on the issuing of new motorcycle tags.

Keep an eye for a letter from the state of Texas regarding motorcycle tags and getting yours replaced if you ended up with a duplicate!

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