Even though my dream cars are all muscle cars from the 60's and 70's, practicality of the 21st century, fuel costs, and putting a spouse through medical school forced me to get a more fuel efficient set of wheels.

And I've a had a few, some not making it past my constant need to think I'm part of a  Fast & Furious movie stunt team, others I was able to find a sucker, er, buyer to take them off my hands.  But my last two have held up to my rigorous driving habits so I'm sold on Honda for now.

First was a 94 Accord that made it just over the 250,000 miles before she decided to die halfway between Brenham and College Station.  i think she planned it that way in some bizarre car abuse payback.  Now I zip around town in my little black Civic.  She's doing well, not to mention paid for in full.  And everyone I have ever talked to that had a Honda had nothing but accolades for the brand.  Well built, good design, & rides great seem to be the three keys to when they design a new model or update a current one.

I had thought about trading her in, but as I said, she's paid for, she runs good so it's hard to justify in these tough economic times getting into a new monthly note.  But I after seeing this video, I'm ready!  Honda drive train and motors, close enough for me!! Where do I sign??!!!