Speaking as someone with a college degree 8 years and 3 colleges in the making, I can tell you what to expect with college professors. I thought I’d pretty much seen it all until I read about a Texas Southern University professor. What-A-Man.

When a new mother, who is also one of Dr. Tyrone Dixon’s film writing class students, was having trouble taking notes, he offered a helping hand. Literally.

Ebony Greenfield’s 1 month old son, Carter, decided to make an appearance in the world earlier than planned, which complicated things with Ebony’s college courses that were already scheduled. Ebony is pursing her Master’s degree, which means you don’t miss class and you don’t make below a C in a course.

Ebony took a few weeks off but felt she could handle taking Carter to class. Dr. Dixon saw Ebony’s dilemma and decided to help. Not only did Dr.Dixon allow her to bring her baby to class, he helped her focus and take notes by holding Carter during his lecture. According to WAFB, Dr. Dixon said “ What that says to me, they're determined. They're focused. They're ready to get it by any means necessary. I feel like it's my duty to support that." Dixon said teachers should keep an open mind about their students' life circumstances and look for ways to reach them.

That evening when Ebony and Carter got home, it wasn’t Carter who was crying. It was his Mama. And it was tears of joy.

Tito…hand me a tissue.

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