One thing will always be true about Texas: There are a lot of people in this big state, which also means there are a ton of drivers here as well. If you've survived the nightmare of driving through Houston, Texas, you know only a handful of those drivers have any idea what they're doing.

While most of us generally follow the rules on the road, there are some that don't. Mainly the biggest one that we all see most of the time is using your blinker. It's silly to say, but the blinker seems like an add-on that people forgot to buy in the package with their car doesn't it?

That is definitely one of the biggest things we sometimes see on the roadways. But what about the highways? Well, so far I've seen some crazy driving on the Texas Highways.

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Is the speed limit optional in Texas or has it become a suggestion? I'm not really sure. But there's one other thing some fellow residents have noticed.

Have you missed your exit in Texas?

We've all been on the highway and we're about to completely miss our exit right? Especially those on a GPS all on time, which I'm guilty of, because I am a new resident after all.

One young lady who's driven through Texas however seems to have found a solution to the problem that plagues lost drivers.

Now, this is certainly an idea that'll work. After all, Texas has these wonderful inventions known as turnaround lanes. I love them so.

But it might a little bit harder for us to do this, because we're all trying to get somewhere and fast. Still, I believe using turnaround lanes and being nicer to each other is better for everyone in the long run.

Can we all agree to use the next exit if we miss our original one? Let us know by sending us a message on our free station app.  Just tap the Chat button.

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