Hey Lady!!!!! You left $100,000 at the Clean Bay Area recycling center.

She didn’t do it on purpose!  The lady dropped off boxes of old electronics she figured was junk. Her husband had recently died and she was cleaning out the garage. She found all this electronic junk and just took it to Clean Bay Area for recycling.

The company Vice President Victor Gichun is the one who waited on her.  He said they had a lot of donations that day so things were kind of rushed and that’s why it took so long to go through the lady’s boxes.

About two weeks after the drop off, Victor discovered that one of the boxes contained a vintage first generation Apple I computer, like this one.


Working Apple 1 Christie's Auction/Getty Images


Only about 200 of the desktops computers were made, put together by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ron Wayne in 1976.

Last month a private collector bought the Apple I for $200,000.

Say What?????

Clean Bay Area’s company policy is to split proceeds 50-50 with the donor. Problem is, they don’t know who that lady is. She didn’t leave her name and she declined a receipt.

Victor really wants to give her that $100 thousand dollars.  He remembers exactly what she looks like, all she has to do is come by and get her money.

I wouldn't sweat it, with all the social media we have going for us these days, by the time you read this that lady will probably have already picked up her check!