The joy of seeing your favorite actor/ball player with his head just bobbing up down and around.


Don't know when this became such a huge thing, but it became an official day back in 2015.

I remember a dog with a movable head sitting on a dashboard. That was my first memory of a bobblehead.

It was later when I was moved during my Junior year of high school, that I needed a friend. Had an Oscar the Grouch with a loose head. I would pop him in the head and ask him questions...

"I'm perfectly sane right?"

Head bobs yes.

"I'm the most normal person on the plane aren't I?"

Head bobs yes.

"Everyone else is loonier than a toon aren't they."

Head bobs yes.

I like to think that the reason Crucifixion was such a huge thing back in the day was due to the human need to see a head bobble. I might be wrong here on this, but let me check...

"Head bobbing Crucifixion was thing wasn't Nolan Ryan."

Head bobs yes.

Well. Who can argue with that? Enjoy your bobbling day.