If you follow Neal McCoy on Facebook you already know he is all about saying the Pledge of Allegiance. You can experience the Pledge of Allegiance live with Neal McCoy every morning without fail. Neal started the Pledge of Allegiance tradition 775 days ago. He loves showing his patriotism, and loves sharing it with his fans. Neal McCoy's 775th Facebook Live Pledge of Allegiance was a special one. It was in honor of Neal McCoy's mother who passed away peacefully on Wednesday February 19, 2018.

"She loved our patriotism." Neal McCoy recalled about his mom on his Facebook Live video "She is the one responsible for putting the patriotism in us. Mom comes from the Philippines and she told us as young kids you know to be grateful where you live because no other country is like the one you get to live in." Day number 775's Pledge of Allegiance in honor of Virginia McCoy was a beautiful one. "It was a tough night last night, but it was a very fulfilling night for our family." McCoy commented on saying his final goodbye to his mother alongside his siblings.

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