Jana Kramer joined Big D and Bubba in the studio Friday to talk about her new song, 'I Got the Boy'.

Jana and the guys got majorly sidetracked talking about scented candles, which was both hilarious and frustrating given that they kept teasing the song. They finally played it at the end of the interview, and boy was it worth the wait.

With 'I Got the Boy', Jana's excellent storytelling skills are once again on display as she reminisces about a long-lost love after seeing his wedding photo in the newspaper. It's a wistful yet sweet song about revisiting the past and thinking about what might have been, but it never descends into melancholy. It's a song about the past catching someone off guard and her ability to move on while still cherishing the experience of young love. That's something we've all been through, right?

If you missed it or just want to hear it again, check out the new music video below.