One thing I wish Texas had more of is snow.  I'm not talking about snow in the panhandle.  That doesn't count.  I'm talking snow in my own yard.  Snowmen.  Snowball fights.  A roaring fire in the fireplace.

Photo by John Normile/Getty Images

Alas, Texas does not have that.  I got all the snow I could handle when I lived in Alaska.  I lived there through two winters, and the 2nd winter I lived through saw the 2nd-snowiest winter on record.  It snowed 108-inches that winter.  I'm a big, hairy guy, so the winter weather suits me.  I went to the Anchorage ski slope every day after work.

We've seen an occasional snow of significance in the ten years I've been back in Texas, but mainly we just get obnoxious, deadly ice.  You can have fun in the snow.  You stay inside and pray the power stays on during an ice storm.

That 108-inches of snow I saw in the winter of '03 has nearly been equaled by the current storm in Buffalo, New York.  In just three days.  The record snowfall has been well-documented, but nothing quite sums up the current state of misery and/or joy of 80-inches of snow in just a matter of days like snow surfing.