Have you ever wanted to own an Orangutan or maybe a domesticated bobcat? Well, if you live in Texas, it's illegal so you can't. However, you CAN own a 1,000-pound bison and there's one for sale on Craigslist in Argyle, Texas for $5,950.

This bison, aptly named Bullet, is no ordinary beast of the fields. The 8-year-old female hangs out inside her owners house as much as she grazes outside (and Denton Golf Course).

"When she is hot and sweaty, she'll come in and lay on the couch," Karen Schoeve told USA Today. "No, I'm kidding — kind of. I mean, she comes in the house."


Apparently in the Schoeve household, you won't be surprised if a 1,000 pound bison is roaming the halls as you wake up early in the morning. Bullet is completely house trained, has never relieved itself in the home and is remarkably careful not to break things. Schoeve also said she loves to stare at the fish in the fish tank.

So if Bullet is so great, why is Schoeve selling her?

"I just think she deserves better — better space, bigger grassland," Schoeve said in tears. "I just think it's best for her."

Bullet has drawn inquiries from Craigslist but no buyers yet, which is probably good for Bullet and Karen so the can spend some special time together before parting ways.