We took a quick look around Killeen-Temple craigslist to see what's being given away.

Sometimes it's a good laugh, sometimes there's actually some stuff you might want. Mostly it's just funny. If you see something you wanna take a closer look at just click on the title of the item. We've linked you to it's page on CL.

Let's take a look!

  • 1

    Free Jiujitsu Classes

    Cool! Here's something ya don't see everyday, a FREE Jiujitsu lesson! Neo, is that you?


  • 2

    Free Washer/Dryer

    Ok, what we have here is a FREE clothes dryer attached to a washing machine that leaks a little bit out the bottom. What's not to love?

  • 3

    Free Bed Set

    Bed set in great shape.. The ad mentions a sofa but it's not in the photo. I do need a new vacuum cleaner though. (I see two!)

    Free Bed Set
  • 4

    Free Box Spring

    Wow! Free bed frame (above), now here's your box spring. We've almost found you a bed...for free! (If only it was all the same size)

    Free Box Springs
  • 5

    Free Diaper Pail

    What's worse? Riding around with this in your car, or having it in your home?

    Free Diaper Pail
  • 6

    Free Two-Car Garage Door

    Got a driver with a learner's permit in your household? How about a free spare garage door? Nothing like being prepared.

    Free Garage Door