In 2017 the Easter holiday falls on April 15th. With the month of March right around the corner it's about time to start seeing the colorful marshmallow Peeps take over store shelves everywhere. In fact, some people saw them hit the candy isle not long after Valentine's Day.

We haven't seen Starbucks invent a Peeps blended beverage yet, but just about everything else comes in a Peeps flavor variety including Oreo Cookies!

KCENTV is reporting the new line of Peeps flavored Oreos will be available at Walmart stores beginning February 22nd. It's two golden cookies with Peeps flavored filling inside.

Most people either love Peeps or they don't. Will you try the new Oreo flavor? Vote up or down in the poll below!


"It's a no from me" #peeps #oreopeeps

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