There will never be an end to the creativity that exists in smuggling narcotics into Texas from the Mexican border. Funny thing is, they will still get caught.

Border officials confiscated 1,423 pounds of marijuana - and they were hidden inside coconuts. We've reported on smugglers using fake carrots to sneak in one ton of marijuana and hiding meth inside tires, and this will just continue the trend of drug dogs "out-sniffing" narcotic smugglers.

Officers discovered a total of 2,486 packages of marijuana hidden inside the coconut shipment in Pharr, Texas. The street value was estimated at $285,000 said the Customs Border Patrol on Sunday.

"Our officers' ability to use all available resources, combined with their experience, has resulted in numerous discoveries of illegal narcotics," CBP Port Director Efrain Solis Jr. said in a statement to ABC News. "We are keeping drugs off our streets, protecting our communities and our vigilance is continuous."