Taylor Swift is definitely a superstar. But to be called one by another, more legendary superstar -- now, that's a big deal. When heavy metal icon Ozzy Osbourne met Swift recently, he was apparently blown away.

Sharon Osbourne dished some details on her daytime show 'The Talk' on Tuesday (Oct. 1). After running into the 'Red' songstress in Los Angeles over the weekend and striking up a conversation, she explained that her husband was instantly enamored with the 23-year-old.

It was the rocker's very first time meeting Swift. "My husband doesn't say anything about anyone -- he knows who Taylor Swift is, he knows her music, but he's never met her before, and he was so blown away with her beauty and the aura that she projects," Sharon Osbourne spilled (quote via Contact Music).

"He said to me, 'I have finally met somebody that I can say is a true superstar.' He said, 'She reminds me of Grace Kelly or Audrey Hepburn,'" she added.

To be called a true superstar and to be compared to two of the most well-loved icons in history, Osbourne must have been seriously impressed by Swift. However, his gushing didn't stop there.

"He called her the most magnificent young girl he's met in his lifetime. He was so blown away by her," his wife furthered.

The Black Sabbath rocker is 64 years old and has met many celebrities throughout his years. So, Swift must have really made an impact on him.

The 'Red' superstar is currently working her charm worldwide, getting ready to head to Australia for her 2013 Red Tour in November and then jet-setting to London. Somehow, we expect all of her fans to be equally as enamored as Osbourne was.