Many of us get fast food mainly because we are simply too busy to cook something during the day. It is fast after all. There are many options in Central Texas, too many to count. However, one restaurant in the Temple area has been accused by an anonymous person on social media of not providing healthy standards to both customers and employees.

Accusations Detailed By The Post

In The Temple TX - City Watch Facebook Page, an, at the time of writing, unknown individual posted the following:

Temple, TX - City Watch Facebook
Temple, TX - City Watch Facebook
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Multiple violation are alleged in the above post. The manager of the eatery, who remains unidentified at this time, is accused by the anonymous poster of serving food that has touched the floors, but also to scratch his back with spoons used to serve customers after the store has closed.

In addition to alleged food being dropped onto the ground and served to individuals, the quality of the items is also alleged to be not up to standard. In addition, the drink machine at the eatery allegedly has not cleaned correctly, leading to mold in the beverages.

Previously mentioned food items are also accused of being moldy as well as allegations that even if it's not fit for consumption, it is still served. The post also states that employees are mistreated, by whom the post doesn't go into detail.

As this is a developing story, we will have more information if it becomes available.

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