Parade Magazine has issued its annual “What People Earn Issue” listing the salaries of regular jobs, but also estimating celebrity salaries.

Guess who's the third highest paid showbiz woman in the USA?  After Oprah ($2.7 billion) and Britney Spears ($200 million), it’s Taylor Swift.   Parade estimates Taylor’s income was $57 million  last year. Taylor beat Justin Bieber by 2 million dollars.

As for Justin Bieber, the recently turned 19 year old made more than $55 million during 2012, most of that from album sales, touring and products like the new fragrance he recently launched. Comparing the Biebs job to yours, Justin earned an estimated $6,261 per hour last year.  How much did you make an hour?  I feel your pain!

Blake Shelton  brought home an estimated $20 million last year   Blake earns $75,000 per episode for his work on The Voice.

And our good friend Honey Boo Boo made a pretty good haul for a 7 year old, $50,000 per episode. That was for everybody in the family, but that is just the beginning, Parade says the Honey Boo Boo family got a raise after the first season. They now make 150,000 per episode.  Not bad for a kid who never won an Ultimate Supreme Title in a Kiddie Beauty Pageant!

For the full list of celebrity salaries, click here.