Gregory G Rodriguez of Sugarland, host of “A Rifleman’s Journal”, was shot and killed in Montana.

It’s been a tough week for TV Sports personalities.  Yesterday Skip Bayless of ESPN was taken to town by Seattle Seahawks corner back Richard Sherman.  I’m sure it hurt, somewhat, to be embarrassed on national TV, but I’m bet Skip would take that pain over what happened to Gregory G Rodriguez of Sugarland, host of “A Rifleman’s Journal”.


According to the Associated Press, police in Northwestern Montana say that 41-year-old Wayne Bengston shot and killed Rodriguez while the Texas TV personality was visiting Bengston's wife.

Bengston, according to Whitefish Montana Police, then beat his wife, took their two-year-old son to a relative, drove home, then apparently killed himself.



Flathead County Sheriff Chuck Curry told E! News that Wayne Bengston killed Gregory G. Rodriguez Thursday night at the Whitefish home of the mother of Bengston's wife.

The Missoulian reported Bengston was armed with a .44-caliber revolver and shot Rodriguez multiple times.

According to Whitefish Police Chief Bill Dial,  Bengston, then beat and pistol-whipped his wife and fled with their 2-year-old son. Then, the Missoulian reports that Bengston dropped off the boy unharmed at a relative's home before driving to his home where he shot and killed himself..

Whitefish Police Chief Bill Dial was quoted saying, "The victim was here on business and had stopped to talk to a friend for the evening and have a glass of wine,"  "Mr. Bengston came into the home and shot him immediately. We think that it was just a professional relationship, but perhaps the husband thought it was more than that. But that is just conjecture."

At this time the police believe that the relationship was professional. The Billings Gazette reports that Rodriguez was married with two children.  The investigation continues.