I think it's safe to say we all did something dumb in our teens that warranted major punishment, but did you ever tick your parents off so badly that they moved your entire bedroom outside and gave it all away?

KSAZ-TV's Jennifer Martinez reports that 14-year-old Angel Martinez of Phoenix, Arizona took his parents' Ranger Rover on a joyride while they were on vacation celebrating their anniversary. Angel says he washed the car and was only driving it around to air dry it. His parents didn't buy that excuse, and weren't too happy to hear that their neighbors called police because he was speeding around the neighborhood.

Angel's parents could have grounded him or told him he had to wait an extra year or two to get his driver's license as punishment, but he'd been in trouble before so they decided on an extreme form of discipline.

They cleared everything out of Angle's bedroom - bed included - and put it on the curb. People were welcome to come by and help themselves to whatever they want, and Angel had to sit with a sign that read, "Sorry I stole my parents car and was speeding".

His stuff reportedly went fast, and within a few  hours it was all gone. Now Angel's sleeping on either the floor or the couch.

Angel said the punishment was "weird", but that he agrees it was fair.

When I was a kid and I acted up, my mom would lock away or, if I was really bad, throw away stuff like toys and video games as punishment. This is the extreme version of that, I suppose. It makes you wonder what else Angel had been up to lately. Even if he hadn't been in trouble for other things before, his dad told KSAZ-TV that Angel could have killed someone speeding around like that. I agree - it was reckless.

What do you think? Did the punishment fit the crime, or did Angel's parents go overboard? What would you do if your kid took your car for a joyride while you were out of town?

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